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Is yoga good for weight loss ?

Is yoga good for weight loss


Everyone envisions close-to-perfect body fitness and health as well. In fact, good health spirals a blend of confidence and a go-getter attitude into your personality. The underlying question, however, is, apart from the regular exercising, can yoga come into play to slash the pie excess weight?It’s, therefore, important to figure out if yoga is good for weight loss.

Well, this is a controversial assertion that attracts completely diverse reactions from the body fitness experts and researchers. Whilst, yoga is recommendable to keep your psychological state in check, it’s ideal to figure out whether or not yoga is the ultimate idea to settle at if you’re grappling with burdening thoughts on how you’ll lose weight.

To begin with, Yoga is characteristic of meditation, which is done while assuming certain body postures. There are quite a number of reasons that may prompt you to take the plunge into the practice. You probably just want to brush off psychological stress or you are toying with the idea of replacing your routine exercises with yoga.

If you reel under enormous stress day in day out trying to sweat so you get fit, then this is your best catch! In that fashion, can yoga really enable you to knock off body weight in lieu of running?All forms of yoga play the role of stimulating body organs and glands, making them work more efficiently. It, however, depends on the type of yoga you do since different types of yoga practices yield totally different outcomes. This, therefore, underpins the fact that some types of yoga burn more calories compared to others.

In that sense, some outweigh others by far. Narrowing down to the types of Yoga that can fast-track your weight loss is, therefore, a good idea, so you don’t get cast away on the other side of the divide, as you stretch your limits, and you’ll end up venting your overwhelming anxiety on vanity.

Lyengar Yoga is one of the types of Hatha yoga, focused on the structural allignenent of the physical body, which is done through the development of the asanas. Its ultimate aim is spiraling unity in the body, mind and spirit as well. This type of yogaemphasizes the keeping of a close eye to precision, to the very last detail, something that should be taken into account to make it a success.

The use of things like blocks, benches and straps actually emanated from lyengar Yoga. These “props “come in handy to give the incapacitated like the elderly or the injured a chance to also enjoy the benefits of yoga. This type of yoga plays a major role to boost the working of the heart since some of its positions facilitate the burning of calories in the body.

On the other hand, Ashtanga yoga is also another type of yoga that can also lift your heart rate to the level of the cardio vascular workout. It entails a modern style of gymnastic exercises and stretches which are done in combination with yoga breathing, incorporating the ancient yoga philosophy too. From this explanation, it is evident that this type of yoga offers very much in the way of body exercise, owing to the gymnastic practices involved. It is therefore certainly one of the types of yoga that can benefit you if you’re out to loose weight in the best way possible without being very stressful.

Some of these yoga techniques involve good postures that can enable you lose weight as fast as possible. One of them is when your body is upside down, the intestate are required to function against gravity, so they have to function faster than usual. In that sense, digestion will take place faster than usual wince they widen. Additionally, such a position drains blood from the legs, thus stimulating the lymphatic system in the long run. Eventually, after undertaking the exercise wholly, your lymphatic system will be recalibrated after the inversion. In turn, you’ll end up losing a lot of weight, that you won’t even believe it!

Beth A.Lewias, an Associate Professor at the University Of Minnesota School Of Kinesiology in Minneapolis has it that in as much as yoga can actually play a role in weight loss, it cannot be held on equal footing with physical exercise. He defines the occurrence of weight loss on the basis of his opinion, pointing out that weight loss takes place when the calorie intake is less that its expenditure in the body. It is therefore necessary to make some significant changes when it comes to the intake of calories and the expenditure to lose weight.

In addition to that, he attests to the fact that many practices of yoga burn very few calories compared to traditional exercise,like running. He however, goes ahead to highlight that yoga is also important in the sense that it makes one more aware of his or her body, making it easier to choose the foods to eat, and reducing stress. Stress reduction is ideal since stress can really influence your energy intake into the body, complicating your weight-loss trials.

Another expert, Leigh Crews, American College of Sport Medicine Media Expert spells out with the conviction of a priest that yoga in itself is too diverse and cannot replace the traditional physical exercises. He however, digs deeper to specify the types of yoga that can come in handy when it comes to weight loss. He mentions that types of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyanga or Power Yoga are the smartest choices. The length of time when practicing then should also be taken into consideration, since it should be not less than 90 minutes according to him, for one to get rid of the excess weight.

From this information, you can actually glean that some types of yoga are recommendable if you’re planning to get rid of excess weight so you achieve your desired body size in time. This doesn’t however mean that you should clear the traditional exercise sessions off your profile, since they are also significant when it comes to weight loss. In fact, if you can intertwine yoga with the physical exercises and you’ll offer very much in the way of reducing of the time frame to achieve all your goals. Although, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to all problems, this information can help you a great deal. It’s really worth your shot!

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