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Marilyn W.: Indigestion and bloating—disappeared

I’d never really been sick, but when I think about it, it had been a long, long time since I’d
really been well, either. On the outside, I probably looked okay—I’m fashionable, attractive
woman with a high-powered job—but I hated the bloated belly that I’d always struggled to
So when a friend told me about Wheat Belly, I grabbed my e-reader and downloaded
the book that very same day. I had a gut sense that I had a wheat intolerance, even
though I’d tested negative for celiac disease 5 years earlier. But at age 62, I’d been
carrying more than 40 excess pounds and feeling bloated, achy, exhausted, and
hypoglycemic for a decade—and every single diet I’d attempted was sabotaged within a
couple of weeks by my intense food cravings.
Today is only the 6th day of my wheat-free life, but already the change has been
amazing. A couple of days ago, a friend remarked, “You look great! Have you been
exercising?” I think what he noticed was the loss of bloat and my improved skin tone and
coloring. I told him about the book and going wheat free.
If full health feels like a 10, I think I must have muddled along at a 4 for decades. After
less than a week, I’ve returned to a 7, and I’m still climbing. My body confirms that wheat
was poisonous for me. I no longer feel like a doughboy—or doughgirl—which is the perfect
analogy for wheat belly. Just last week I was suffering chronic pain from indigestion.
Today that’s completely disappeared. I can feel myself healing at a very deep level, and I
feel wonderful in ways I’d long since forgotten—no more aches or bloating, no more
cravings, hardly any hunger. In their place, I have energy I hadn’t felt in years.
Giving up the wheat? Easy. I had no withdrawal symptoms, and in just a few days I’ve
shed the bloat and probably lots of the fat. And I’m on the road to better health, a big plus
when you come from a family in which diabetes is common.
For me, Wheat Belly is a life-changing, health-giving book, and I talk about it to anyone
who’ll listen. I plan to follow this way of eating forever.

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