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Kaylana: Psoriasis, memory problems, stuttering—gone!

In my neighborhood, everyone knew me for the breads and pastries I was always
whipping up. It sure seemed healthier to do my own baking than to buy breads from the
store, but this style of eating began to take its toll—and not in the ways you might expect.
My husband and I live in Latvia, where I homeschool my little ones. I began to notice
that Samuel, my youngest, was having difficulty with language development. At 4½, he still
couldn’t remember his numbers, and a simple reading program was agony. He had no
memory of things he’d learned just seconds before, and a year later things hadn’t improved
much at all.
We puzzled over what the problem could be. We knew he wasn’t disabled—he had
great motor skills and could ride a two-wheeler when he was only 3 years old. He had
great people skills, too, showing more care and sympathy toward others than most kids
his age. But when it came to his lessons, nothing seemed to work.
Around this time, we both developed psoriasis on our hands, and Samuel began to develop
a stutter. He’d desperately want to tell me something but couldn’t get the words out. As he
slowly drifted into a shell, my heart broke to pieces.
Then I got a letter from my sister-in-law with some very surprising news: She and her
family were all going on a wheat fast. If I was the queen of pastries, she was the ruler of
all things wheat—she even ground her own wheat daily. So I was in shock and disbelief—
until I started doing some research. I learned that wheat—all the wonderful, homemade
goodies I was baking—was poisoning my family.
That was it. We immediately went on a wheat-free diet, and within 3 days I noticed a huge
difference. Samuel’s stuttering vanished, and he began flying through his lessons. Our skin
problems have disappeared, too. And I’ve discovered amazing new wheat-free recipes,
like nutrient-rich almond pancakes.
It’s been a miraculous turnaround for my family, and we plan to stay on this road for a
long, long time.


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